Man Accused Of Stalking Neighbor More Than A Month After Being Served With Injunction

LEESBURG, Florida—A man is in the Lake County Jail facing a charge of aggravated stalking after being accused of harassing and antagonizing his neighbor more than a month after he was served with an injunction.

Matthew Lenord Dailey, 61, is accused of doing a host of things to his neighbor since Dailey was served with an injunction on Dec. 6, including placing a sign in his yard that stated “28 feet” with an arrow pointing toward the measurement, according to an arrest affidavit.

The victim told Lake County Sheriff’s deputies Dailey follows him up and down the fence line that separates their property in the Bassville Park area, “whistling and attempting to antagonize him.”

On Saturday, Dailey was revving his engine in his van and blaring his music for 45 minutes as the victim spoke with an elderly couple in his driveway, the victim told LCSO. He said Dailey plays his music “extremely loud” every night and shines his flashlight to cause problems, in addition to standing at the fence line and photographing the victim’s wife when he hears her come outside.

The victim said Dailey cut down shrubs so he could watch the victim and the victim installed a privacy fence, but Dailey stands on things to peer over the fence.  LCSO spoke with Dailey and observed multiple spotlights and loud music coming from his home. Daily was taken into custody and arrested for aggravated stalking. He is being held in the Lake County Jail on $10,000 bond. 

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