“It is Black Friday Every Week,” at New Leesburg Store, the First of Its Kind in Lake County

LEESBURG, Florida—Shoppers have a new place in town to hunt for bargains.

The first of its kind in Lake County, Bin Pickin, 1015 West North Boulevard, Leesburg, is a new concept for the area, Jennifer Wooten, who owns the store with her husband, Jamie, told Inside Lake this week.

The Wootens purchase truckloads of overstock and returns from Amazon, Kohl’s and CVS Pharmacy and offer all the items for one price three days a week, Wooten said. Fridays, each item is $10, Saturdays, items are $7 and Mondays, they are just $3.  Items are placed on large tables and shoppers can pick through the tables hunting for treasures. “It is Black Friday every week,” Wooten said.

GRAPHIC: Marilyn M. Aciego/Inside Lake

Not all items are worth $10, and Wooten suggests coming back on $7 day or $3 day to purchase those items. Big-ticket items are often snatched up at the $10 price point and shoppers can miss out if they do not buy the item when they see it, Wooten said.

“It may not be there on $7 day; most likely it won’t be there,” she said.

Bins are topped off and replenished Saturday morning before $7 day, but $3 days are the items that are leftover from Fridays and Saturdays.

“Fridays and Saturdays are all new stuff,” she said.

They have a large variety of items, and they change from week to week with each new truckload. Friday marks Bin Pickin’s third week and shoppers have found everything from makeup, to video games, telescopes and home décor. Electronics have been popular and Wooten said so far the most expensive thing they have seen is a mini PC that retails for as much as $800.

Photo courtesy of Bin Pickin

The store has gotten off to a fantastic start, Wooten said, with lines wrapped around the building on Fridays, more than an hour before they open; and there are always at least 15 to 20 people in the store the entire time they are open.

“The community has been great,” she said. “We have loyal customers already.”

Items are sold “as is” and Bin Pickin does not accept returns, but it offers a box opening station where shoppers can take a box to an employee and the employee will open it up to ensure all pieces are there. If not, the customer is not obligated to buy the item, according to Wooten. Employees will also plug electronic items in to make sure they power on, she said. Amazon items that are in plain boxes have small labels that can be scanned with the Amazon app, right from a cell phone and customers will know what is inside the box.

Photo courtesy of Bin Pickin

Earlier this week, Wooten opened on Tuesday for $1 day to clear out some of the lower-ticket merchandise and Bin Pickin will be adding a few $1 days per month in the future, she said. She may also add a few nighttime events to accommodate more people who have daytime work schedules, she said.

On Thursdays and Fridays, Bin Pickin posts short videos on its Facebook page to preview some of the items it will have that week. Shoppers can watch the videos by visiting the Bin Pickin – Leesburg Facebook page or by clicking here.

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